This is PLAYER, a handsome black tri from the first Blitz X Banner litter.


There are no litters planned. Facebook is the best place to watch our puppies grow up. CEDAR BORDER COLLIES


Please carefully read my description below of how my puppies are raised. I am happy to hear from Border Collie appropriate homes, but PLEASE be aware that I do not sell puppies to pet homes. Experience with the breed and previous positive dog training experience are essential! Border Collies need mental stimulation, love having a canine house-mate, and cannot be left alone 9-5 Mon-Fri. Their instinct to herd anything that moves and to control chaos makes them an inappropriate choice if you have young children.

If you feel a Border Collie is great choice for long distance running, I suggest that you bring up a youtube and watch how a Border Collie moves while herding. You will see nothing in that low and intense movement that suggests a 5 mile jog is suitable exercise for this breed! 
No third party inquiries please.

Although my puppies are sold on non-breeding registration, I do not recommend neutering of males, and require males to remain intact for their continued good health. 

My puppies are weaned and raised on a home made, nutritionally balanced ground raw diet.
Feeding high heat, processed commercial 'food', that has a 3 year expiry date on it,  can in no way compare to feeding REAL food. That goes for us and our pets. It is required that my puppies are fed a ground raw diet for life. I am always available to guide in the best way to feed fresh and natural food and happy to aid in sourcing and formulating an appropriate diet.









We are located 35 minutes from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Cedar Border Collies live on 14 rolling acres, with a creek, about 5 acres of forest and a training building.

Bob and I have shared our life with Border Collies since 1990, and have been breeding these wonderful dogs for 25 years.


Our dogs live in our house as part of the family, which is where the puppies spend their first 8 week of life.

All of my dogs are Hip (OFA or PennHIP) ,elbows, patellas, BAER and Opthalmologist tested normal.

They are DNA tested and cleared for CEA/CH, CL, TNS, IGS, CCN, DM,SN, GLAU and MDR1 norm/norm. DNA testing continues as more tests become available.

Correct structure and sound temperament is a priority.

Although Border Collies are an energetic and athletic breed, foremost they are very intelligent dogs that will do best in a home that has positive training experience.

Physically the breed is not built to be a jogging partner, nor are they happy or healthy repeatedly retrieving a ball or frisbee for hours on end. I do not recommend a Border Collie as a good choice for a family pet, and I do not sell my puppies for that purpose. Border Collie rescues are full of dogs that were sold without regard, by a breeder that was doing no favor to the puppies nor the buyers who thought owning a smart dog would be so easy!

Cedar puppies get the very best in the 8 weeks that they are with us. Beginning with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) which we start with the puppies from day 3 until day 16. Until they are 3 weeks old, they are in a bedroom.

The puppy's mother has free choice to spend time with them, or take a break. And she is with her pups until they leave us at 8 weeks old.

They begin with soft toys and visits from a few of the sweet 'serogate' moms that love to shower them with attention.

When they are 3 weeks old, they are very active and energetic, so they move to our puppy Romper Room.

Weaning starts at this time. Our puppies are fed a ground, raw diet on which they thrive! Mom always has free access to her pups, and can come and go as she pleases.

Our bitches are usually still nursing til the pups are 7 weeks old, and dry up naturally. The Romper Room includes a large penned enclosure, where they sleep at night .

In there they have crates and toys. During the day, they have access to the rest of the room, which is quite large and fully matted to prevent puppy play injuries.

With tunnels, raised play areas, swings, hanging ropes covered in toys and tugs, large and small toys or various textures as well as noisy and 'talking' play equipment, the Romper Room is puppy learning and play heaven.

But even more fun than that for young puppies , they have access to our large, outdoor, fenced grass dog enclosure.

Inside and outside, our puppies learn to deal with visits from other dogs of various ages and there is a steady flow of friends and family.

Pups are exposed to countless sights, sounds and textures. The puppies leave us with a great understanding of house training, and we use the handy door to get them outside at very opportune times.

All pups are very outgoing, happy, and very friendly towards other dogs and they love people.

Our litter of puppies is very uniform and when they leave us they are the best we can create. The job of continuing this excellent start,  is then passed onto the new puppy owners!


I have worked for Veterinarians since 1989. Cedar puppies get the best health care while they are growing. Puppies are weaned onto a ground raw diet.

They are dewormed on a proper schedule and vaccinated (DP) and health checked by a Veterinarian at about 7 1/2 weeks old. Puppies will not leave us until 8 weeks of age.

The pups are sold on a non-breeding contract, unless otherwise agreed by private treaty, in which case the puppy will be co-owned. I do not promote early neutering. I understand the difficulty with a female and understand spaying around 2 years old. Males dogs are to remian intact. I am happy to discuss the benefits for leaving dogs intact.

Registration will be completed by us, and will be Limited (non-breeding) with AKC.

This in no way prevents participation in dog sports such as agility, obedience, flyball, Search and Rescue, Flyball etc. and we encourage new puppy owners to do just that!


Raising a litter is very time intensive, and each puppy in every litter is special to us! Timing depends on the female dogs, but the goal is for warmer weather when the puppies can spend alot of time outside. Pups do best when they get time in the sun and physical development benefits from romping across natural surface!

The puppy waiting list is full before the breeding takes place. When the breeding has taken place, I ask for a $200 deposit and this is non-refundable.

The only exception is if there are not enough puppies born. Mother nature controls that. The breeder will always have first option of keeping a puppy.


When accepting your deposit, we are agreeing to choose the best puppy that we can for your home and your aspirations.

Our priority is always a personality that suits what you have told us you are looking for, considering your family life and goals for a sports partner.

We will do our best to accomodate a sex and/or colour preference, but know that this will not be a primary goal in matching owner to puppy. We will try as best we can to work with you. 

As well, accepting a deposit is not a quarantee of sale, and it can be returned at any time if we feel it is in the best interest of our pups. 

I encourage people to contact me to be placed on a waiting list. I do not have an application to fill out, so please keep in mind that first impressions are key.

I like to get to know my puppy owners as a friend, and I am available to chat, discuss training, and offer my support for the life of the puppy!

Many of our puppy owners across North America love to connect with one another, and this has grown into a valuable network for training advice and any puppy raising suggestions.

Puppies are sold with a signed contract, and at any time in their life, for whatever reason, our puppies are always welcome to come back to us. The purchaser must agree to this.

Puppies will leave me with pet insurance (Trupanion)covered for the first month.
It is recommended that puppies finish their series of vaccines and highly recommend this protocol for life. Jean Dodds Vaccine Protocol


I do not ship puppies, so puppy owners must travel here to pick up their puppy.

Buffalo airport is about 45 minutes away, and is the best choice from the US. Hamilton airport is 20 minutes away. There are accommodations near by. Many people have taken an extra day to visit Niagara Falls and sight see!


Experience in positive training methods are a prerequisite!

IF you plan to use a prong or shock collar, choke chain, invisible fencing, an unsupervised doggy door or public dog parks, or allow your dog to run at high speeds in a pack of dogs... 


Below are some pictures of pups from Trills first litter.